Corn Syrup

They promised to tingle our spines and chill our bones… and as pre-teen bookworms, we loved them.

We remember the Point Horror franchise with nostalgic fondness as one of our earliest guilty pleasures. Join me as I wallow in that pleasure again…

I am rediscovering the entire Point Horror oeuvre, from old favourites to those I missed the first time, rating each one for their ability to entertain and scare me. It is both a celebration of the franchise, and an attempt to work out what made me so obsessed with these books.

Check out my latest discoveries, below.

Latest from the Blog

Help Wanted

By Richie Tankersley Cusick. When Robin Bailey answers a ‘Help Wanted’ ad in the paper, she is surprised to learn she’ll be working at Manorwood – the mansion-home of the most sought-after boy in school, Parker Swanson. Though admittedly gorgeous, Robin is immune to his charms and repelled by his arrogance. And it turns out […]

The Invitation

By Diane Hoh. Sarah and her friends are not part of the ‘in-crowd’, yet for some reason they’ve all received invitations to their classmate Cass Rockham’s exclusive annual fall party. Sarah is suspicious and reluctant to go, but the rest of her group cannot wait. After much persuasion, they eventually convince her by pointing out […]

Second Sight

By Sinclair Smith. Grayson was blind, but now – thanks to a donated pair of corneas – she can see. She has arrived in Brooklyn to live with her sister, Kara, and is happily spending her summer hanging out with new friend Mina, and flirting with sexy local construction worker, Jared. There is just one […]

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