Corn Syrup

They promised to tingle our spines and chill our bones… and as pre-teen bookworms, we loved them.

We remember the Point Horror franchise with nostalgic fondness as one of our earliest guilty pleasures. Join me as I wallow in that pleasure again…

I am rediscovering the entire Point Horror collection, from old favourites to those I missed the first time, rating each one for their ability to entertain and to scare me. It is both a celebration of the franchise, and an attempt to work out what made me so obsessed with these books.

Check out my latest discoveries, below.

Latest from the Blog

Nightmare Hall #13: Monster

By Diane Hoh. There’s a big, furry monster terrorising Salem Uni, attacking students with its razor-sharp claws. And when it’s suggested the beast may have a human alter-ego, there’s no shortage of suspects amongst Abby’s circle of friends. Her jealous boyfriend, David, is high up on that list, until his handsome face gets slashed by […]

Nightmare Hall #12: The Whisperer

By Diane Hoh. Shea Fallon does something she never thought she’d stoop to in order to pass an important Biology exam and keep her scholarship. She sneaks into Professor Stark’s office, and steals the exam paper. When the strict and universally loathed professor reveals she knows there’s a cheat in her class, Shea panics and […]

Nightmare Hall #11: Last Date

By Diane Hoh. When the Salem Chronicle starts featuring a personal column, aspiring reporter Demi senses an opportunity for a story. She places an ad, intending to write a feature on her dating experiences with Salem University’s lonely hearts. Basic bestie, Shannon, thinks it’s a terrible idea, even though it was she who dared Demi […]

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