Corn Syrup

They promised to tingle our spines and chill our bones… and as pre-teen bookworms, we loved them.

We remember the Point Horror franchise with nostalgic fondness as one of our earliest guilty pleasures. Join me as I wallow in that pleasure again…

I am rediscovering the entire Point Horror oeuvre, from old favourites to those I missed the first time, rating each one for their ability to entertain and scare me. It is both a celebration of the franchise, and an attempt to work out what made me so obsessed with these books.

Check out my latest discoveries, below.

Latest from the Blog

The Claw

By Carmen Adams. Best friends, Kelly and Rachel, have landed summer internships at their local, rundown zoo. Aspiring vet, Rachel, is ecstatic, but Kelly secretly finds the zoo creepy and is afraid of any animal larger than her dog. It doesn’t help that she gets a crank call the night before starting the internship, warning […]

Double Date

By Sinclair Smith. After colluding in a practical joke in eighth grade, Tracy snubs Travis’s affections, even though she likes him, because the popular clique think he’s weird. Travis leaves town soon afterwards and returns four years later, quite the hunk. Tracy’s old feelings resurface, and she is secretly pleased when her domineering boyfriend, Kyle, […]

Homecoming Queen

By John Hall. Melissa Brady has had a transformation over the summer and, starting her senior year at Westdale High ‘hot’, she decides to run for Homecoming Queen. Despite having the full support of best friends Izzy and Celeste (and it being an ideal way to attract the attention of handsome jock, Seth Powell) there […]

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