Corn Syrup

They promised to tingle our spines and chill our bones… and as pre-teen bookworms, we loved them.

We remember the Point Horror franchise with nostalgic fondness as one of our earliest guilty pleasures. Join me as I wallow in that pleasure again…

I am rediscovering the entire Point Horror oeuvre, from old favourites to those I missed the first time, rating each one for their ability to entertain and scare me. It is both a celebration of the franchise, and an attempt to work out what made me so obsessed with these books.

Check out my latest discoveries, below.

Latest from the Blog

Vampire’s Love

By Janice Harrell. Part 1: Blood Curse In part one of this two-part mini-series we are introduced to James, a handsome high school student, who catches the eye of a two hundred year-old Transylvanian émigrée vampire, Rina. Besotted, and determined to bind James to her with the end goal of making him a vampire, Rina enrols […]

Mother’s Helper

By A. Bates. Becky thinks she has landed the ideal summer job, looking after Mrs Nelson’s toddler, Devon, on a lovely, secluded island. The only condition is that Becky must keep a low profile. Mrs Nelson has confided that she is hiding Devon from kidnappers, who wish to hold him to ransom. Nevertheless, such concerns […]


By Diane Hoh. Tess and her friends hang out at the Boardwalk all the time. It’s their town’s main source of revenue, and has proved a lucrative business investment for their families. Tragedy strikes when the roller-coaster derails, killing one of Tess’s classmates and maiming two more. When she tells her friends she saw a […]

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