Corn Syrup

They promised to tingle our spines and chill our bones… and as pre-teen bookworms, we loved them.

We remember the Point Horror franchise with nostalgic fondness as one of our earliest guilty pleasures. Join me as I wallow in that pleasure again…

I am rediscovering the entire Point Horror oeuvre, from old favourites to those I missed the first time, rating each one for their ability to entertain and scare me. It is both a celebration of the franchise, and an attempt to work out what made me so obsessed with these books.

Check out my latest discoveries, below.

Latest from the Blog

Hide and Seek

By Jane McFann. When we are introduced to sixteen year old Lissa, she is hiding in a tree trunk with her pet bird, knowing she is going to die and waiting for her killer to find her. To distract herself, Lissa recollects memories from her life, trying to work out what led to her impending […]

The Phantom

By Barbara Steiner. Last year, Stony Bay High School’s star quarterback, Reggie Westerman, died after suffering a spinal injury during a game. His girlfriend, Jilly, is left devastated, forever changed by the experience. To her best friend Amelia’s dismay, when senior year begins, Jilly abandons cheerleading and joins the school drama department, shunning her old […]

The Accident

By Diane Hoh. Just before Megan’s 16th birthday, three of her close friends are involved in a horrific car accident. The same day, a wraith calling itself ‘Juliet’ appears to Megan from inside her bedroom mirror. Juliet tells Megan she died in a boating accident just before her sweet sixteenth, and she wants Megan to […]

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