Point Horror

Krazy 4 U

By A. Bates.

Someone is obsessed with Abbie and wants to harm her. First, they try to run her over. Then they smash her bedroom window and ruin all her belongings. Throw in some poorly-spelled poison pen letters and a few threatening phone calls, and it is clear that Abbie has a dangerous, potentially homicidal, stalker. Unfortunately, her father and step-mother are in Hawaii for three weeks so she and her brother, Brett, are alone in the house. Abbie cannot trust anyone – not her best friend, Taylor, nor her new love interest, Clif. Anyone could be the stalker. It could even be Joey Mowry, the boy who has been obsessed with her for years, who has photos of her all over the inside of his locker and his bedroom walls… A red herring if ever there was one, but one which raises troubling issues.

The front cover teaser says ‘She used to be dead popular’ but the action of the story does not really back this up. Abbie has one friend, Taylor, with whom she has a strained relationship. Her only attribute is an obsessive interest in health foods, and from the outset her personality is defined by everything that happens to her within the context of the story. Abbie is a one-dimensional character, who can exist only within the parameters of the story, and this makes it difficult for the reader to empathise with her.

Nevertheless, Krazy 4 U is a solid whodunit. Abbie is being targeted by an unknown stalker; there are several suspects; we want to work out who it is. And the twist, when it comes, is a genuine surprise. However, whilst the clues are there, and it does, technically, make sense, the perpetrator’s actions and motivations are not in-keeping with their personality earlier in the story, and the big ‘reveal’ sadly fails to provide a satisfying conclusion to the action.


Whilst the things that happen to Abbie are creepy, there are not enough scares for it to be considered a strong entry in the Point Horror franchise. When the perpetrator is revealed, it is a sad moment. Mainly because the character in question is so likeable (more likeable than Abbie, anyway). It also lacks believability (though when you think back through all of the things that have happened to Abbie, it does, technically, make sense). However, perhaps A. Bates is trying to teach us a life lesson. Something like… “don’t trust anyone, ever”. But she also seems to be suggesting, “it’s okay to become friends with a mentally unbalanced young man, who has stalked you previously, just because it transpires he isn’t trying to kill you, after all, at this moment in time”. Terrifyingly bad advice, A. Bates, and Krazy 4 U only musters a fear factor rating of…


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